Before Tuesday

I had big plans for this day…. I planned to ride to Punta Gorda with Tammy and Zach, to meet Brenda Jones-Matthews for lunch. I really wanted to do that because I haven’t seen her in 100 years.

I also planned to go tonight to the Comedy Writers meeting.

But then at 5 am., I woke up with an anxiety attack… my heart beating crazy… sweating… panic…

I stepped outside on the porch with my blanket, sat in my rocker and thought about what in the world was wrong with me.

That’s Click here to read more.

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On to the next odd duck…

For as long as I can remember, I have drawn odd ducks to my little corner of the universe. That makes sense to me… I am an odd duck, too.

I happen to love quirky people with offbeat stories… but also, strangers often share their deepest hurts with me… I am always honored when that happens… even if I don’t understand exactly what they are dealing with, I don’t really have to understand it…pain is pain. And I know a lot about pain.


So anyway, I wasn’t shocked today when Click here to read more.

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I loved my day, anyway

I left the breast surgeon’s office today with a feeling of dread in my chest… it also pushed its way into my throat and made me cry…

It was one of those times when you cry about all kinds of things… so I cried about having to get new incisions when these aren’t even healed enough yet to wear a bathing suit top or a sports bra. I cried about that…a lot… because I just felt like being a big fat baby for a minute.

Then I cried about being asked by the receptionist to pay $1788…. Click here to read more.

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Pre-op appointment for the kitty heads

I saw the breast surgeon today for my pre-op appointment.

“We’re finally there, Miss Sherri,” my doctor said with a big smile.

Immediately, my eyes filled up with tears. Boy it’s been a long, trying journey… and I am worn out       with it all… but we are very close now to the finish line.

Since Oct. 30, I have undergone: two mammograms, one ultrasound, two breast biopsies, one           MRI with dye, one round of genetic testing, bunches of blood tests, bilateral Click here to read more.

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Dance my ass off


Earlier this morning, I whacked one of the ports on the kitchen counter… and t’s still throbbing. Damn it.

But pretty soon, another surgery will be scheduled and these nasty, pain-in-the-ass skin expanders and ports will be removed.  As much as I dread being rolled back down that hospital hallway, I will show up for that one…. definitely…

I have dealt with these things since the mastectomy, which was Dec. 2, 2013.

The ports sting and occasionally get stuck between my Click here to read more.

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