About Sherri

SC.headshot.August.4.2013.Estero.Beach.Since childhood, Sherri Coner has been a story teller. By high school, she whipped up pages of romance for friends. Now in womanhood, with three disastrous marriages and countless bad dates behind her, Coner’s love stories are sprinkled with her signature amount of sarcasm and humor.

After working more than eight years as an award-winning journalist and humor columnist, Coner has vowed to go back to what she loves best…she tells sad stories with a funny twist.

In her own life, Coner learned quickly that mixing girlfriends with laughter is sometimes the only survival plan. Her favorite description of her own bad luck with love is to answer, “I have dish towels longer than I have husbands.”

A long-time advocate for women, this single mother of one adult son resides in Florida. She is the author of Forever the Willows, In a Moon Smile, Beach Rx, Loving Me(n), Lies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story and her newest novel, Hissy Fits Set You Free.


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